Prof Vijay Dave giving scholarship and teaching in TTU


In 1973, Prof Vijay Dave got a fellowship in Cardiology at Cook County Presbytarian hospital. As soon as his residency is over, he arrived in Munster in Indiana State. Here he joined two hospitals: one in Gary and the other in Merrillville. Dr. Dave has been Director of Medical Education in St. Mary Medical center since 1981; Member of Medical Education Committee in Lake County Medical Society since 1983; Chair-person and trustee in Lake County Medical since 2013; President of Indian Medical Association since 2014; Representative of Methodist Hospital since 2014-2015; and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine since 2014.

Beside his success and achievement in medical field, Dr. Dave is a respectable and lovable in community. He had donated hundred thousands of USD for his small hometown village and Indian Community in US. He has become President of India Community League in Chicago since 1975; member of the Directorate of International Institute of North West in Indiana since 1991; and one of the leading donors when he was in Mumbai to relief funds to natural calamity in Surat, Koyana, and other places.

Prof Dave and his wife visited Tan Tao University and School of Medicine.
Prof Dave with representatives of staff and lecturers of Tan Tao University
TTU medical students listened attentively to Prof Dave’s philosophy in medicine and education.
Prof Dave said that St Mary Medical Center, Indiana, US, would always welcome TTU students to have clerkship there.
Prof Dave gave a scholarship of 1000 USD to Tat An Hy, fifth-year medical student.
Huynh An Khang, sixth-year medical student, also received Vijay Dave scholarship for his tremendous learning effort.
Prof Dave and his wife with two students selected for Vijay Dave scholarship
Prof Dave taught TTU medical students at Thong Nhat hospital.