Summer course 2019 – learn and experience in the U.S style


Summer Course 2019 with American professors and international friends has passed halfway. The students all share moments, went through various stages of emotion and especially, experienced American professional teaching and learning styles. Let’s find out what highly distinguished the Summer Course 2019 held at Tan Tao University.

First of all, in this course, the touching impression that every student could feel was the highly different teaching and learning styles. “Learn and Practice” was the mantra that Professor, Dr. Henry Webb and Dr. Donald Tyler were applying in this course. Students would directly participate in negotiations, debates to resolve the conflicts in simulated cases or imitated the professional public speaking style of many famous speakers such as Simon Sinek, Steve Jobs, John F. Kennedy.

Professor, Dr. Henry Webb, Vice Dean of the School of Economics & Business Administration at Tan Tao University was guiding students in Alternative Dispute Resolutions class.

Dr. Donald Tyler – Vice President and Co-Founder of Marine Specialties Limited directly taught students about Public Speaking and Office Professionalism.

After lessons, students also had practical experiences through group discussions and negotiations. Usually, these activities usually took up to two-thirds of the study time. That was the feature that made the difference of 2019 Summer Course at TTU.

The students were discussing in Alternative Dispute Resolutions class

Practice in Public Speaking and Office Professionalism class

In addition, the 2019 Summer Course became more exciting and interesting with the participation of students from Thailand, Indonesia and the United States. They were the new elements embellishing a colorful cultural picture for this Summer Course at TTU.

Najlaa – Mechanical Engineering in Indonesia
Ing Orrapan Sukkasem – Business English senior student at UTCC International School of Management – ISM, Bangkok, Thailand
Aidan Scuderi – student of Washington, United States of America
Ami Shah and Ria Shah are studying and living in Indiana, USA

In addition, trips, tours and cultural discoveries of Vietnam were also extremely important parts of the 2019 Summer Course. For international students, this was a remarkable memory when first driving motorbike, enjoying Vietnamese street food as well as visiting famous places of Ho Chi Minh City.

Enjoying Vietnamese cuisine
Visiting and shopping at Ben Thanh Market

Having beautiful moments together

And during this time, Tan Tao University was also honored to welcome guests and speakers to share the experiences of living and working for students. The cultural differences between Vietnam and the United States were also revealed by two guest speakers, Mr. Timothy Bennett and Subaya Bennett. The two speakers were very interested in questions related to the styles of working in Vietnam and the United States and through it, gave TTU students extremely useful advice for global integration.

Mr. Timothy Bennett – Founder and Owner of Profitness Sports Nutrition Vietnam & Seara Sports Vietnam and Ms. Subaya Bennett – CEO of Hammer Nutrition Vietnam

In addition, Professor, Dr. Pattrick Kee Peng Kong, Vice Provost of SEGi University, Malaysia also had a meeting with students on the topic “Opportunities and Challenges of the Globalization in Higher Education”. This informed TTU students as well as international students a bigger picture, thereby helped you realize the difficulties that would be faced in the future as well as open opportunity for future jobs and careers.

Professor, Dr. Pattrick Kee Peng Kong, Vice Provost of SEGi University, Malaysia

In addition, the students together had extremely memorable moments with the Farewell Party evening. Warm hugs, taking photos together were unforgettable proof of friendship between Vietnam and other countries in the world.

Everyone was happy with the Farewell Party

Hope they will always keep these beautiful memories in the heart, about the TTU friends and the beautiful and hospitable Vietnamese people.