The 2018 Summer Clerkships of TTU medical students in the United States, in Korea, and in Vietnam (On the weekends)

On the weekends

As the students of Tan Tao U visit the US the first time, the people they meet in Indiana are nice people: patients, doctors, and medical staff. However, have they ever met the people at their age with same young mentality, sweet dreams or crazy aspirations? At the Soldiers Field stadium, the TTU students will meet the real life young American people of their age.

When the young students enroll in the Tan Tao University, the goal is to be trained in liberal arts curriculum in order to become a wholesome excellent human being, not just a very good doctor or professional and a bad father or mother. A great person will excel in working, take good care of family, know how to enjoy life (including listen to music) or spend monies and contribute their efforts to the improvement of the society.

In medicine or cardiology, we don’t do research just by reading cardiology. If you can explain medicine from a perspective of a scientist, astronomer, social worker, economist, musician, singer (like Taylor Swift), you will discover many things new, important and great. This is why the people entering medicine in the US are not only major in biology. They have major in science, business, theology, music, social science, history, astronomy, aviation, aeronautics, etc. this is why medicine in the US is very well developed because these people enrich medicine with their expertise from different fields.

At the stadium during the Taylor Swift concert, the real Americans are very emotionally expressive. It is different with Asians who hide their emotions. For the young generations in the US, in order to be successful, the young professionals need to be emotionally warm and socially engaged by showing enthusiasm, concerns, passions etc. By that, the young Americans can network easily, meet new friends, colleagues, and be more successful. This is one of the keys for success in the US and one of the goals of TTU in training young students to become successful in Vietnam or in the global world, including the US.

The principles in life for students in the US are to work very hard during the weekdays and play very hard during the week-end. These principles are applied for TTU students during their clerkship here in the US. TN

May 27th, 2018

TTU medical students, Ms. Kim, Dr. Darwish, Dr. Quynh, and Dr. Vu at the dinner party in La Porte, Indiana.

Another nice picture of the whole group of TTU students and some young Vietnamese and Egyptian doctors at the dinner party.

June 1st, 2018

TTU students were excitedly waiting for the South Shore Line train from Portage station to Chicago for weekend’s explorations.

June 2nd, 2018

At the Lincoln Park and Zoo in Chicago, we enjoyed seeing many kinds of animals and spending great time together.

We walked for 45 minutes to Soldier Field. This was our first time to see our musician idol singing alive, and huge lines of young American people gathering for the Taylor Swift’s concert.

The TTU gang at the entrance of Soldier Field

We were among 20,000 people coming to hear Taylor Swift’s music. We were waiting here happily and patiently for the concert to begin.

The TTU students at the section H, in the right side of the stage

Here is the TTU gang of seven at their seats in front of the stage with more than 20000 young and excited fans of Taylor Swift

From the justify side: Chau Tran, Hoang Pham, Vy Vu, Ai Vu, Nhan Nguyen, Quan Nguyen, and Minh Thai.

The TTU students were so excited and enjoyed much the concert surrounded by the young beautiful fans of Taylor Swift

Here was the performance of Charli XCX, the first singer of Taylor Swift’s Reputation Concert.

Camila sang after Charli XCX’s performance.

And here is Swift, we have been looking forward to seeing her. It was so exciting, the crowd stood, applauded and screamed her name loudly while waiting for her appearance.

Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, and Camila made a great trio.Taylor Swift sang with a strong and attractive voice and impressive performance. Her Reputation Concert was a great success, the whole stadium with 20,000 young people enthusiastically sang and danced with her, even when it was raining heavily at the end of her concert. The concert ended with a long and loud applause.

Look how crowded the stadium was. It was so amazing, Taylor Swift could attract a great amount of young people coming here to listen to her great music.

Here is another picture of Taylor Swift. The audience waved their hand and turned the light on their wristband, and sang with Taylor Swift.After 3 hours of music, singing, dancing and screaming, the TTU fans of Taylor Swift still had a lot of energies, and so did the surrounding people.

June 3rd, 2018 we took some pictures on the way to the Millennium Station to catch the train back to Hobart, Indiana.

Leaving Lake Point Tower, our first destination was the famous Michigan Lake. People were enjoying a beautiful sunny day at the beach.

Next, we visited Navy Pier. We loved the nice two rows of green and big trees, and we feeled very relaxing enjoying some breezes on a sunny day.

Below the bridge where we were standing is the Chicago river, where people enjoyed the cruises or ferries to visit the architecture of Chicago. The Trump tower is just across the street.

Guess where we were. This is the famous place in Chicago: the Millennium Park. Each of us make a wish and toss a penny into this fountain. We all have some big dreams and will work hard to make our dreams come true.

It was so…hot! We almost reached the Millennium Station, so we kept on walking. We couldn’t count how far we have walked so far. It was a great and unforgettable experience for us. What was a wonderful trip!