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According to the 2020 Admission Plan, our recruitment target will be 500 students starting from June 2020. There are 12 majors which include: Biotechnology, Applied Biology, Electrical Engineering, English, Computer Science, General Medicine, Nursing and Medical Technology, Business Administration, International Business, Banking and Finance, Accounting.

Especially, it is not only in Vietnam but TTU also accepts students from around the world. but it is also open to students from many countries around the world. This year, Board of Directors are determined to complete the training program to meet the standards of Vietnamese and American education.

In addition to academic assessment, TTU also conducts interviews with candidates in the manner of US universities. The quality of students has been checked from the beginning to minimize the of taking majors beyond their abilities. It is to keep the passion till students graduate from TTU. Well-paid jobs are possible when they finish college education.

School Major Code National High School Exam’s Assessment Combination Language of Training
School of Medicine General Medicine 7720101 Math, Physics, Chemistry

Math, Chemistry, Biology

Math, Biology, English

Math, Literature, Biology

Bilingual English – Vietnamese
School of Nursing and Medical Technology Nursing 7720301 Math, Physics, Chemistry

Math, Chemistry, Biology

Math, Biology, English

Math, Literature, Biology

Medical Technology 7720601
School of Biotechnology Biotechnology 7420201 Other majors: English Curriculum.

+ Students who achieve English level of TOEFL 500 – 520 are allowed to enter major subjects.

+ If students are accepted to study at TTU but don’t reach the required level of English, they will continue studying English for 1 year before going into major

Applied Biology 7420203
School of Economics and Business Administration Business Administration 7340101
International Business 7340120
Finance – Banking 7340201
Accounting 7340301
School of Engineering Electrical Engineering 7520201
Computer Science 7480101
School of Humanities and Languages English 7220201
Subject 1 Criteria General Medicine, Nursing and Medical Technology Other majors
Subject 1 Academic Transcripts General Medicine:

Good performance in grade 12.

GPA of 3 years is 6.0 or higher
Nursing and Medical Technology:

Average performance in grade 12.

National High School Examination Result Meeting the requirement of quality assurance

stipulated by MOET after taking the National High School Examination.

Subject 2 High School GPA General Medicine: GPA of 3 years is 2.5 or higher GPA of 3 years is 2.0 or higher
Nursing and Medical Technology:

GPA of 3 years is 2.0 or higher.

Subject 3 Graduated Bachelor and master’s degree Having Bachelor or Master’s Degree of any fields of study or having above – average Diploma in Healthcare Having University or Master’s Degree of any fields of study

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We focus on quality, not quantity

With an international standard training program, dynamic research environment and strong international partnerships, all TTU students are given the opportunity to enhance their competencies, maximize soft-skills and finally, qualifications. In addition to the main courses taught entirely in English, students are also equipped with working English proficiency. With that goal, whether taking entrance exam or academic assessment, TTU will be flexible in finding suitable training and guide students to find jobs after graduation.

According to M.A Mai Duc Toan, Director of the Admissions and Communications Department of TTU: “The admission criteria of TTU are designed to select the most suitable students with the academic capacity and of course, after graduation, they will have a well-paid job, in addition to the opportunity to practice, study, and be able to work in the United States and become a global citizen. “

Dr. Talarico and TTU students are engaged in learning brain anatomy in the American Way through peer teaching and small group presentations using medical English.

TTU tiên phong đón đầu với nhiều ngành học “HOT” có thu nhập cao

TTU pioneered with many high-income industries

The School of Engineering currently has 2 majors: Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. In particular, Computer Science focuses on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of processes that extract data or knowledge from data in various forms, including structural or unstructured data. DS is the continuation of some fields of data analysis such as statistical science, data mining and machine learning…

Information technology in general, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in particular, are needed to meet the needs of society in the era of Industrial Revolution. Therefore, the main orientation of TTU also mingles with the up-to-date trend: “School of Engineering – Accompanying with the Industrial Revolution 4.0”.

International cooperation opens up international opportunities for students

Appreciating the value of East Asia, the President of Tan Tao University reminds students and employees not to be afraid of something new. “I respect people but don’t be afraid. TTU students should not crouch, bow or fear of teachers. On the contrary, the provost is responsible for delivering specific and transparent reports to students and staff at the beginning of the school year “. That is the desired American styled education that TTU is becoming.

“Protecting is good however, we – lecturers at TTU would rather connect and open up more opportunities for students to explore, to try. That’s better”, Professor Thach Nguyen said. “How to complete the tasks must be done by students. They have to learn by themselves, alone. That’s when they grow up”

Over the years, students in Medicine, Biotechnology and Business have been going internships abroad, participating in scientific research and reporting at international conferences in China, Singapore and South Korea and United States.

“The trips to major hospitals in the US have given Vy access to the most advanced science and technology in healthcare which build relationships with prestigious professors and doctors for future career”, said Tuong Vy, a fifth-year student at the School of Medicine.

Lecturers at Provost’s Reception 2020

With what TTU has built over the years, this effort yielded great results last year when the first-class from School of Medicine graduated with 07 students preparing USMLE.


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