We commit to provide quality care and service to our fellow students. So training is our top priority in order to equip members and volunteers with necessary skills to help the others.

You will have Udemy account to learn about common mental problems.

Sep 29th, 2018 Psychological First Aid
Nov 3rd, 2018 Breaking bad news
Dec 19th, 2018 Goals and Motivation
Jan 06th, 2019 Approaches to addiction
Feb 23rd, 2019 Developmental psychology
Mar 23rd, 2019 Psychological foundations
Apr 20th, 2019 Lifelong learning
May 18th, 2019 Communications for personal success
September, 2019 Learning to learn
October, 2019 Personality & Psychoanalytic subjectivity
November, 2019 Anxiety management
December, 2019 Suicide prevention
Online Udemy: Happiness Life Coach Certification
Online Udemy: Stress Management
Online Udemy: Stress and Health Problems: Symptoms and Therapies
Online College and University Suicide Prevention Accreditation Program