Admissions Information

In 2020,

Enrollment criteria: Students enrolls in Tan Tao University through an application based on:

  • Academictranscripts and interview.
  • Result of National High School Examination and interview.
  • Result of Vietnamese Standardized Test and interview.

Admission subject:

+ Subject 1: Students graduated from Vietnamese High Schools.

+ Subject 2: Students graduated from International High Schools.

+ Subject 3: Students already had Bachelor and Master’s degree.

Range of admission: Nationwide students and International Students.


Undergraduate Admissions

Tan Tao students come from across the country, representing diverse perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and cultures. Once here, Tan Tao students discover extraordinary freedom of opportunity — to explore, to collaborate and to challenge themselves.

Guideline Admissions

Guideline Admissions

An honor code establishes an understanding regarding how to conduct oneself within an academic institution. Each student of Tan Tao University is expected to personally uphold the values and principles of the honor code. These ideals require each student of Tan Tao University to refrain from and discourage behaviors that threaten the freedom and respect every individual deserves, such as: cheating, plagiarism, aiding in academic dishonesty, falsification, and behaving in a disruptive manner.   By participating in Tan Tao University, each student should act with Integrity, Respect, and Professionalism to maintain an honorable and ethical environment.



The Campus is expected to be completed within 15 years with 64 faculty buildings in a total area of 12 million square feet including library in the center, ten schools and facilities to serve 10 thousand students.