Vol 1, No 1 (2016): First issuse


This first issue of the Tan Tao University Review (TTU-Review) is the continuity of Tan Tao University Publications (TTU-Pubs) published in 2011 when the first school year started. It means TTU-Review and TTU-Pubs try to maintain the high academic standard that TTU chooses to promote on the long-term basis. When I accepted the position as the Assistant Provost and Dean of the school of Economics and Business Administration this year, I proposed to Mme. Dang Hoang Yen, President and Provost that TTU has to resume its goal as above-mentioned. She considered my initiative and finally approved with valuable advices.
TTU-Review is slightly different with TTU-Pubs. It compiles not only the instructors’ articles but also students’ writings under his (her) patron’s supervision and guidance. In so doing, TTU-Review establishes the forum for the academic announcement and introduction of inventions, innovations, researches and the review of the latest development of academic works from different fields

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